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What is Income Protection?

A policy to consider taking if you're working.

  • An important form of cover to have.
  • It pays out if you're unemployed, sick, or disabled.
  • Provides long or short-term cover.

Have peace of mind knowing that your salary is protected if you're unable to earn.

We will find you the best cover.

  • What's covered?
  • How it works

Whatever expenses or outgoings that your salary or income pays for will be covered by your Income Protection policy.

A policy will provide monthly payments to you.

  • It protects you for disability and sickness, and also unemployment
  • Income protection will pay until you're able to start working again, or for a period you choose

It's best to choose an 'Own-Occupation' Income Protection policy rather than an 'Any- Occupation' policy. An 'Own-Occupation' policy will pay if you are unable to do your own job, and an 'Any-Occupation' policy will only pay if you're unable to do ANY work.

If you become unable to work and you are signed off by a Doctor, Income protection insurance will pay. There is a much higher chance for you to become unable to work due to illness than for you to die, and so Income Protection Insurance is more important to have than Life Insurance.

Make sure you get a policy that covers you for a wider range of conditions, as well as pays for a longer period of time.

Common questions

  • What is Income Protection? aaa

    Income Protection Insurance replaces part of your income if you're not able to work due to illness. It will cover your essential expenses and will indirectly provide for your family. Adding unemployment cover might be worthwhile.

  • Can I get cover if I'm self-employed? aaa

    Yes, some insurers have options available to cater for this.

  • What amount is covered, and how long am I covered for? aaa

    It is your choice on what sum insured to have, and for what period to be covered for. However, the higher the sum insured and the longer the payout term, the more expensive the premiums become.

Did you know ?

It would be cheaper to buy a policy that only starts paying out at a certain period after you have become unable to work


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