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How do I choose the right cover?

Our panel of insurers will discuss all options available to you and will help you to make the correct decision.

What cover do I need?

If I die

Your family or loved ones would receive a lump sum to repay your mortgage, or even replace your income.

If I'm too ill to work

Get a large cash sum. This could help towards your healthcare costs or even to cover your loss of income.

If I lose my job

Cover to help with loss of employment income if you're retrenched.

My funeral

Expensive funeral costs can be stressful, especially at a time of bereavement.

How long do I need cover for?

The length of your cover will depend on what you want to protect.
Your mortgage

You'll need to match your cover to the term of your mortgage to ensure your house is covered.

Your children

Cover should be in place for your children for as long as they are dependent on you.

Your retirement

if your retirement plans are in order, it's best to have cover to protect your savings against healthcare costs.

Rest of your life

Thinking of leaving an inheritance for your family? Decide upon how much they need.

What you should consider if you're...


If you weren't earning, could you pay all your bills? How long could you last without an income?


Are you thinking of buying a new home? Does your partner rely on your income? Will you need insurance to cover your mortgage?


If you lose your income, income protection insurance protects your family from financial hardship. Life insurance will protect them if you die.


Is your mortgage paid in full? Have your children left home? Time to think about protecting yourself against funeral costs. Thought about inheritance tax?

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Common questions

  • How long does it take to get covered? aaa

    The time frame in getting a quote and going on cover could vary from person to person. This is because each person's circumstances and requirements are different. On average, it could take just a few minutes, to a few days, or weeks to finalise a quote and issue a policy. It all depends on a person's health, and policy requirements.

  • How to choose a Life Insurance company aaa

    There are a lot of options available for life insurance, with many companies offering different incentives and rewards for choosing a policy with them. It is important, as with any large purchase, to do research about the product you are considering. Here are a few things to consider in helping you make a decision:

    What are the needs of my family after my death?

    You must find a policy that fits the needs you anticipate after your death. A good company or insurance broker will help you examine your current budget and lifestyle in order to figure out what policy will serve those concerns after your death.


    What can you afford to pay in a premium every month? This is a crucial question because every company figures out how risky it is to insure the life of a single person. Each company does this calculation in different ways so it's important to compare insurance rates against each other, as they are often quite different. If you are seeking out quotes online, most of the rates do not take into account your medical history or lifestyle, which can alter the final price significantly.

    Add-on benefits

    Many insurance companies offer additional benefits as part of their life insurance packages including bereavement counseling for families or even money to cover living expenses while the life insurance paperwork is processed. These add-ons can often add to the bottom line, but also can provide more quality to your policy.

    What is the company's payout rate?

    Reliable, reputable, quality life insurance companies pay out the benefits in accordance with all the conditions of the policy you purchased 95-100% of the time. It is important to check the rate for the company you choose, because the last thing you want any of those who survive you to deal with is hassle with the insurance company over denying your rightful life insurance claim.

  • Do you charge any fees? aaa

    Our service to you is absolutely free of charge. Neither we, nor do any of the life insurers whom we pass on your application to charge any fees whatsoever.

  • Can I amend my cover at a later stage?aaa

    Yes, certainly. You may amend your policy and cover at any time you like. However, policies do become more expensive the older you are, and some forms of cover may also not be available to you at a later stage should your health profile change. Our insurers can advise on the best way forward with this.

  • How can I be sure that I'm getting the best advice? aaa

    We only work with reputable, well know South African Life Insurance companies who are licenced and regulated. They are experts in providing the best advice as well as ensuring that your interests are protected.


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